Post Holiday Purge and Reset! The only way I know how. So please feel free to share your tips and tricks because I always need new ideas from experienced and mindful mamas. Links at bottom of what I use.

Sort and Purge

My Do’s and Don’ts From the Year of Hope

Do Love one another

Don’t expect bad behavior for yourself or in others (it will be lived up too)

Do live in the moment, not in the past or in the future

Don’t think it is your job to fix everything…

The last month of pregnancy for me was very hard, emotionally, physically and everything inbetween. I kept having contractions minutes apart sometimes for hours randomly, weeks leading up to my due date. Chasing a three year old around with contractions is kind of intense haha!

Finally I made due date…

Here is a list of things you may have not know you that you can buy at Costco, or maybe you do and it’s just an easy way to remember it all. I hope it helps you navigate the craziness that is a warehouse grocery store. Some of these items…

Ah! Spring. New life springing forth while sunshine days are make their slow appearance in the PNW. Of course it’s sprinkled with several day, weeks, of rain in between.

Did you know spring cleaning became a thing because of all the soot and ash that would accumulate in a house…

I have tried to right about this topic for awhile. My fear has been offending someone. Or being considering not having a valid, or well rounded, point of view being someone who has never struggled with weight gain or loss. I cheer for healthier choices in a world full of…

There habits in my life that have come to my attention lately. I want to be more thoughtful, more intentional, with my time and everything else.

Here are five areas in my life I am going to be focusing on.

Hannah Edlin

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